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Awarding and Categories of the prize Polonicus

Polonicus - the highest award of the European Polish minority. Standing for building international dialogue, movement of unity and promoting the Poles in Europe and the whole world. The first ceremony of handing the statuette POLONICUS took place on the 2nd of May 2009 during the festival at the cross of three borders- Belgium, Netherlands and Germany, called Dreilaendereck, near Aachen. Since 2010, the prize is handed at the annual ceremony organized on the day of the European Day of Polish minority.


The winner is selected by five-person jury consisting of the president, polish senator, member of the secretariat and representatives of the Polish community EUWP. The president may establish five additional consulters among Polish organizations in Europe and European offices and institutions. Jury choose one person in each category, and has the right to cancel the award in one or in several categories. The special award is separate from the others categories. Candidates have to be citizens or employees in the European Union, and possess the nationality of one European country. Suggestions of the potential winners needs to be deliver to the jury before the end of the year. Names of the honored are announced at the end of February each year.

Categories of the prize Polonicus

Culture - In this category Polonicus is dedicate to the creators of culture or individuals who acting on behalf of Polish or European culture. Promote polish culture, glorified the achievements and Polish values.

The coordination of Poles life - The price distinguish people who has huge positive impact on the polish minority in Germany.

Polish - Europain dialogue - The award is given to person engaged in the development of cooperation,dialogue and friendship between Polish and Europaian Union.

Special price "Polonicus" -  It is handed for lifetime achievement. Candidates in this category may be the person whose activities produce tangible results in any field of economic, cultural, scientific, political or social. Individuals who are distinguished because of their activity, creativity and commitment.

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